Rice Family Harvest Seasonal Extras

Image of Sweet Pepper Relish

Sweet Pepper Relish

Sweet sandwich goodness
Image of Vegetable Medley

Vegetable Medley

Try it on your salad!
Image of Apple Butter - Our Stuff!

Apple Butter - Our Stuff!

Year Round Favorite
Image of Sweet Potato Butter

Sweet Potato Butter

Keeps you coming back for more.
Image of Pumpkin Butter - Our Stuff

Pumpkin Butter - Our Stuff

Favorite of pumpkin pie lovers!
Image of Strawberry - Our Stuff!

Strawberry - Our Stuff!

Did somebody say something about Biscuits *Extra only
Image of Peach Preserves - Our Stuff!

Peach Preserves - Our Stuff!

Great on Pork
Image of Dutch Apple Preserves

Dutch Apple Preserves

chunky apple spice goodness
Image of Blueberry Butter - Our Stuff!

Blueberry Butter - Our Stuff!

Smooth and bursting with blueberry flavor
Image of Peach Butter

Peach Butter

great peach flavor
Image of 6 pack butters /preserves

6 pack butters /preserves

select 6
Image of 4 pack butters /preserves

4 pack butters /preserves

select 4
Image of Pickled Asparagus

Pickled Asparagus

Great with eggs, salads -crisp flavor